• Sunday April 7th (off-site) at Main Event Entertainment, Orlando just 5 minutes away – Doors open at 8:00 p.m – Cards in air at 9pm
  • Seated poker players will receive VIP cocktail service from our exclusive tournament cocktail waitress and bartender. this is included with your seat. Guests with bracelets may purchase cash drinks at the lounge from our exclusive bartender or purchase a VIP drink tickets package with VIP bracelet on our website in advance. Only seated players may be served in the poker room. Please do not ask the tournament waitress for service if you do not have a poker or VIP cocktail bracelet.
  • PLEASE Bring cash only into the poker room. Hit the ATM BEFORE you ARRIVE PLEASE FOR CHIPS, DRINKS, TIPS, ETC.

2018 Prizes Listed - 2019's Prizes to be Finalized Soon

Karisma Resorts “Gourmet-inclusive” resort week for 2 – < Gift Certificate > Expires in 12 months ($3,500 Value)
Two Tickets to Any 2020 Las Vegas Raiders Home Game –  5th Row 5 Yard Line! ($1,500 value)
Seat in any Las Vegas Poker Tournament (buy-in up to $1,000 + 1 Night Hotel Comp) Redeem within 12 months ($1,000 value)
Caribbean Cruise (booked by Condominium Travel Club) <  Gift Certificate > Travel in next 12 months ($1,000 value) 
Two (2) tickets to your choice of music Concert/Event in Las Vegas – must be purchased within 12 months ($600 value)

One Free Condo Week from MyVacationCard.com

Fracture Large Sized Group Photo  ($200 value)

$100 Hotel Bar Credit

Personally autographed books by World Champions Phil Helmuth, Chris Moorman and Johnathan Little


$100 rebuy anytime – 2k in chips.

 50/100  blinds + NO ANTE
 75/150 blinds + $25 ante
100/200 blinds + $25 ante
200/400 blinds + $25 ante

10:00 pm – 20 minute break 10:00 – GROUP PHOTO


2000/4000 + $1000 ante
2000/4000 + $1000 ante
500/1000 + $200 ante
800/1600 + $200 ante

11:20 pm – 15 minute break LAST CHANCE Entry or REBUY OPPORTUNITY $100 for 15k in chips.

11:35 pm RESUME – NO MORE REBUYS or ADD-ONS AFTER Level 9 begins.

Last Chance AMAZING PRICE OF $100 for $15,000 in chips! SMOV Volunteers are now seated as players.

1000/2000 + 300 ante
1200 / 2400 +400 ante
 1500/3000 + $500 ante
2000/4000 + $1000 ante

12:35 pm – 10 minute break until 12:45 pm.

At this point we should be on or almost on the FINAL TABLE !

3000/6000-$1000 ante
000/8000-$1500 ante
 5000/10,000-$2000 ante

10th place will NOT go to the final table… however, This place is called “the bubble” and will gets a courtesy prize. Play will resume with 9 players until there is 1 player left and the Trophy is awarded. Congratulations and see you back next year !


Tournament rules and Event terms and conditions:

Tournament rules and Event terms and conditions: Rules and Conditions: RULE #1 – THE GROUP PHOTO IS MANDATORY SO GET ‘ER DONE SO THE GAME CAN CONTINUE. UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY OPT-OUT IN WRITING IN ADVANCE, YOU GRANT UNCONDITIONALLY TO TRACKRESULTS AND SMOV THE RIGHT TO USE YOUR IMAGE , LIKENESS, AND ATTENDANCE IN THIS CHARITY EVENT FOR ANY PROMOTIONAL NEEDS. RULE#2 – Southpoint Poker room tournament rules apply. Please respect all rules and directives of the casino and event staff. All participants accept all rules, terms and conditions of play, prizes and action as a condition of participation. Management reserves the right to refuse access to any player without cause. RULES #3 – Sponsored VIP poker seats have no cash value. Sponsored poker seat ticketholders are not entitled to any benefits other than actual play once a specific seat is assigned by the tournament director, and in the event the seat is unused they remain the property of TrackResults to use at its discretion. All prizes, rules, terms or conditions are subject to change until the actual start of the final table. Any cash seat players ( whom payed actual cash to TrackResults for the seat ) may receive a refund at anytime up until the tournament ends. No refunds once the tournament is over or your chips have entered play. You cannot play, then request a refund if you bust out. ANY prizes including travel or transportation shall be delivered in the form of a voucher. All prizes must be redeemed within 6 months or they are expired and forfeit. Expiration date is November 7th, 2018. Unredeemed prizes shall be considered forfeit . Use it or lose it. Travel prizes are non-Transferrable. The winning player must be one of the guests included in itinerary. Trip cancellation insurance is available for purchase on all travel prizes at time of booking. RULES #4 – Most prizes have a posted cash value of only $500 and you should consider your stake as a charitable donation rather than risk for a prize. We have seen your poker skill levels in the past years, and the odds are against you making a financial gain. RULES #5 – Each seat starts initially 4k in chips. If the player leaves their seat, those chips will be in play without him / her. This seat is alive, and blinds will enter the pot. Extra chips ( rebuy) can be purchased for $100 per 2000 chips for the first 4 levels of play. The tournament will be played in 15 minute levels. Any player out of their seat for over 30 minutes shall be ” picked-up” to allow for alternates to play and be seated if there is a waiting list. If we run out of seats and you are forced to wait for an open seat… please be patient and have a cocktail to loosen up. PS. get here on time ! Each hand has an automatic 2 minute time limit per player in the hand, to act when its your turn, or the dealer might give you a warning that your hand will be killed if you do not make a decision within the next 60 seconds. This means your on the CLOCK. WHAT HAPPENS IF I RUN OUT OF CHIPS? – YOU CAN BUY MORE CHIPS AND CONTINUE PLAY UNTIL THE END OF LEVEL 9. THESE ARE CALLED “REBUYS” OR “ADD-ONS” A) $100 add-ons anytime first 4 levels– (2000 in chips per $100). Multiple ADD-Ons at once are permitted to “stack-up”. B) Beginning at Level 5, after the Group Photo.. Rebuys will receive 4000 in Chips PER $100 ( double). C) Once Late registration ends.. at Level 9, a single REBUY is allowed for $100 for 15,000 in chips. This is the last allowed rebuy or add-on to your stack. At this time.. SMOV management and event volunteers whom have been working will enter the tournament with 20,000 in chips.